Quads with a View

The observant user may have noticed, that the controls in our query editor have ever so slightly changed. In particular, the list is no longer titled “Queries”. The header is “Views” and each entry has an additional icon: a link.


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BGP Statement Pattern Counts

A recent developer mailing list inquiry caught our attention a few days ago. The author was wondering, “[can] anyone … give me a recommendation for ‘how big a sane query can get’?” His use case was to apply a SPARQL query against the LOD dataset in order to test for the presence of “patterns for human associations”. There was mention of subgraph sizes in excess of 400K triples, but as it were, his efforts appeared thwarted by much lower limits which his query processor set for the number of statement patterns in a BGP

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Support Issue Workflow

Where Dydra appears, in public, as a strictly remote service, the question occurs —

“If one cannot walk down the hall and knock on a door – or pound on a table, how does one get issues resolved in a timely manner?”

Any claims, that our response completion statistics are well over three nines notwithstanding, a better answer describes how we resolve those issues which do appear in a manner which ensures that 24/7 customer operations remain in service.

One aspect is a transparent process to record and track issues. The second is a well-defined response and resolution process…

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