Dydra Lifts Off

by Ben

Today is the first day that Dydra has landed into the hands of people we haven’t met in person. It feels like a big day, but while it’s a big step in this 14-month journey, it’s a road with a lot longer to go. In either case, we’re celebrating.

Dydra is a product we’re in love with. A cloud-based platform for consuming RDF data that’s, easy, clean, and fun. The kind of platform you’d want to use, and not the kind you have to. And we’ve got a lot of cool features planned: social features that promote data modelers to the first-class collaborators that programmers have been for decades, opportunities for sharing published data, and more. We want to shake things up a bit.

To do that, we started from the ground up. We’re using the accumulated wisdom of the semweb community, but vanishingly small amounts of its code. We’re big believers in what multi-tenant architecture can bring to users, and we know how to leverage that in ways that we know will excite you.

And today starts the beta period for that project. And this is no Google beta—there are features missing that you’ve come to expect, and that we’ll be delivering. But we think it can do just enough to check out, and so we’re inviting some testers. We’ll be scaling up the testing numbers over the coming months. So please sign up and check it out as soon as we can handle you.

So today is just the beginning. There’s much more to come!

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