Get Your Named Graphs!

by Ben

We’re back from a bit of radio silence. Not that we wanted to go silent, you see, but your initial response to our announcement made a mockery of our capacity planning. We got an order of magnitude more beta invite requests than we expected to need for our entire beta period, let alone for a first round. We’ve adjusted our capacity planning accordingly.

And we got lots of good feedback. In particular, approximately 100% of our initial beta users wanted named graphs, and our support for them was incomplete. We wanted to finish them off before inviting more testers, lest everyone just tell us the same thing. Whilst everyone was on spring break at SXSW, we were getting them to a usable point, and they’re mostly here today.

A more thorough list of goodies included in today’s update would be:

  • Named graph support (save returning graph names, which is coming soon)
  • An improved browser-based query interface, including syntax highlighting and more
  • Significant overall performance improvements
  • Improvements to the Ruby SDK and command-line client
  • Documentation updates

We still have lots of things we’re improving—import speed has a big target on it right now, and our soft limits are still way below what we’re intending to offer for general availability. Improvements to these and other features are on the way in short order.

And of course there’s a question we get asked on Twitter all the time: when can I get an account? And the answer is: for some of you, we’re sending out invite codes right now! And we’ll be sending a few more later this week.

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