New Privacy Options available!

by Ben

More new features!

Some of our testers were having trouble using existing tools to access their repositories, as not every tool out there supports one of our authentication methods.

So today we’ve given you the ability to make your repositories, both public and private, accessible to a range of IP addresses without any authentication. The options are available to you on your repository’s administration page, and the settings are per-repository.

We’ve also created the ability to make public repositories, but we’re not allowing that by default quite yet. Let us know if you need public access for some reason and we’ll take care of you.

Those of you making use of named graphs also wanted a quicker import method, and we now support N-Quads directly. Enjoy.

Lastly, as usual, there are some performance improvements. This time they’re big, with enormous speed upgrades for in-browser queries, and big improvements to the query planner for some kinds of queries. And that’s why we’ve increased our size limits—import away!

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