Default Prefixes

by Ben

Going over our failed and slow query log last week (another administrative task that we do so you don’t have to), we noticed that for many of our testers, the first query attempted fails, as it will be copied from an existing application which has PREFIX defaults associated with the repository. That’s no fun.

Since the beginning, Dydra has had a set of common prefixes (such as the ever-present foaf: and rdf:) applicable to all repositories, but we just added functionality to set your own prefixes at the account and repository level. There’s now a ‘Prefixes’ tab on both your profile settings and each repository’s settings where you can copy and paste them from existing queries. Enjoy.

Check out the documentation for more information, or, as always, contact us with any questions or comments on features, or just tweet at us. Let us know what you think!

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