NXP Wins the EU Linked Data Award

by Arto

We are pleased to be able to report that the Product Marketing group at NXP Semiconductors has been awarded first prize in both the Dutch Best Linked Data Application of 2015 contest and the 2015 1st European Linked Data Award contest. Both awards were given in the category Linked Enterprise Data, for demonstrating how, by applying the linked data paradigm to their marketing and product data, NXP increased its value facilitating and accelerating a variety of sales, publication, and reporting processes.

NXP Enterprise Data Hub

The international European Linked Data Contest (ELDC) award jury from over 15 European countries elected the NXP Enterprise Data Hub project as the winner from 53 submissions in 22 countries:

The NXP Enterprise Data Hub integrates data and metadata from several enterprises systems, to provide a single, up-to-date ‘canonical’ source of information that is easy to use and that data consumers—be they human or machine—can trust. NXP Semiconductors have taken the Linked Data principles to heart and successfully rolled out a Linked Data solution across the whole company. The jury finds that this is worth to [be] honored by the ELDC 2015.

It is gratifying to see that the efforts of the NXP project group, together with partners Semaku and Dydra, have been recognized in this form. We at Dydra have found our participation in the project over the past three years most rewarding, in that it helped us to drive continued development of features and capabilities tailored to enterprise applications of linked data. We look forward to continuing to contribute as the project progresses and grows going forward.

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